Uranus in Taurus – Freeing the Minotaur Within


Uranus begins its 7-year sojourn through Taurus this month. The transit of Uranus is an opportunity to break through layers of avoidance of discomfort and insistence on security to open up a labyrinthine Taurean world of desire, fertility, hybridity, and organicity.

This webinar will offer a more complex view of Taurus through a psychological approach to some of the old stories and their less-discussed details, and then let loose some Uranian invention and reinvention with these tales. For example, the Greeks said that Theseus killed the Minotaur, but what if Ariadne freed the Minotaur instead? These have radically different psychological implications. To flesh them out, we will juxtapose some therapeutic journeys of individuals who have experienced Uranus/Taurus engagements firsthand to see how Uranus will break new ground (perhaps literally!) both collectively and individually.

Pre-recorded webinar for instant download.

1 hr. 37 min. | video download plus audio and slides

Jason talks about his intentions for this webinar

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Catherine H.
uranus in taurus

Absoulutely loved this. I am taurus sun currently with uranus transit and am understanding things about myself through listening to this that i have not seen before. Very enlightening and love the way Jason offers such an entertaining colourful deep inclusive and expansive way of speaking about astrology through myth and archetypes and life. Thank you!

Liz C.
beautiful and encouraging!

With the Saturn/Uranus squares this year, there's a lot of focus on the challenging aspects of Uranus in Taurus. I'm so grateful to Jason for once again bringing beautiful imagery and soul-nourishing story to this moment as well. While this talk was recorded a couple of years ago, it's perfect for 2021, and of course the rest of the cycle.


Jason's passion for archaeology and Greek mythology is brilliantly woven into this webinar. I love how he ties in the sign of Scorpio into the story of the Minotaur. As usual, his presentation is visually stunning, as well as entertaining.

Andrea M.
More excellence from Jason Holley

I am amassing a Jason Holley astrology library! Every single lecture is filled with Jason's delicious wit, tender heart and earned wisdom. Uranus in Taurus is about "bringing back the wild, the feminine and the young", as Jason puts it. His fresh perspective on the Minotaur myth is filled with rich images and insights. Using historical examples, Jason demonstrates how prior Uranus in Taurus periods involve archaeological excavations in both psychic and earthly terrain. Another winner.

Mary B.
Uranus in trransit

I Found this talk very informative and helpful. Thank you. Peace Love and Laughter. Mary

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