The Magic and Madness of Jupiter Square Neptune in 2019


with Lynn Bell

The boundlessness of Jupiter in aspect to Neptune will be strongly felt during 2019 with the exact square occurring three times.

Beyond reason, beyond logic, there is the pull of faith, of magic and fantasy. When nothing makes sense, go further, join the dance.

And yet, there is reason for caution, as the wave of exhilaration tumbles the familiar. On the one hand, we want to share in the marvels of these transits. On the other, we may not recognize the world we wake into.

Three passages in January, June and September will bring large planetary waves. How to get the best of these transits, and still remember our name?

Webinar available for instant download. 

1 hr. 50 min. | includes video, audio and slides


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I learned a lot.

The Magic and Madness of Jupiter Square Neptune in 2019

Given by Lynn Bell In the style of Lynn Bell, we can really feel what is like to have this aspect in our horoscope ! Very good ! Thanks Lynn

Peggy S.
Magic and madness of Jupiter Square Neptune in 2019

love being able to watch video. I then stop and think and run charts and absorb the information

Marianne N.
Neptune square Jupiter

She shed light on understanding Neptune and Jupiter energies. I will watch again. I have been taking notes.. Thank you so much!👍

Sousan E.
Very beautiful.

I really enjoyed it. It reminded us to attached our dream to our deepest lever and show us what happen if we don’t.

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