In at the Deep End – Neptune in Aspect to the Nodes of the Moon


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In this webinar, Mark will continue his exploration of planets in aspect to the nodes of the Moon by exploring Neptune in depth. The webinar will explore Neptune conjunct, square, trine and inconjunct the nodes. It will use historical figures as diverse as Hemmingway, Copernicus, Prince, and Anne Frank as well as examples from Mark’s extensive international client base.

The webinar will touch on the powerful themes of inspiration and loss and look to explore Neptune as an ideal within the human realm; one that can destroy, as much as it can create, disillusion as much as inspire. Join us at the deep end!

Pre-recorded webinar for instant access. 

1 hr. 50 min. | includes video, audio and slides

Level: All Levels

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Clemence L.
neptune in aspects to the nodes of the moon

I loved it of course but it's too short. There should be an other hour for the questions because if you take the questions whilst Mark is doing the course there isn't enough time for him to finish properly. But, again, i really love your webinars. With friendship. Clemence

Peggy S.
neptune and nodes

would love more classes about the nodes

Jenny W.
Deep dive

Revealing insights for those with nodal axis aspecting Neptune. As Mark explains although the square is the strongest, most of us have some aspect between the two. I have the square and the talk was especially illuminating as I have just reached the inconjunct Neptune nodal return. In addition the discoveries I made following Marks presentation into my own family connections were profound. Very well researched material and highly recommended.

Lucinda N.
Most Excellent

LOVED this offering. DEFINITELY one of the very best classes I have ever taken in my entire life. Thank you.

Jayne L.
Thought Provoking!

Well presented and lots of relatable examples of how Neptune in aspect to the Nodes plays out in the real world. High quality presentation and slides. Well worth watching!

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